Behind the Scenes of Plaza Suite

After 2 years of Plaza Suite being unable to open on Broadway, it’s finally coming back on stage. Watch Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker go back on Broadway 20 years later after their first appearance there.

Matthew Broderick started his career on Broadway, winning a Tony award at 21 for playing Neil Simon’s alter ego in Brighton Beach Memoirs.

Sarah Jessica Parker also had a very early career start on stage, playing Broadway’s beloved little optimist Annie at age 13.

The Hollywood couple starred in a behind the scenes footage, going back to the set that has been waiting untouched for 2 years. The Neil Simon classic features 3 couples, 6 personas in total, going through love, marriage, life and work with Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick starring as all 3 families. The power cast is also completed with Danny Bolero as The Waiter, Drama Desk Award nominee Molly Ranson as Jean McCormick/Mimsey Hubley, and Eric Wiegand as The Bellhop/Borden Eisler.

The previews of the show have already begun with official opening night being scheduled for 28 March. The play is staged at the Hudson Theatre.

Pre-Broadway, the Plaza Suite was sold out at Boston’s Emerson Colonial Theatre, for the month of February 2020. The production was going to move to Broadway in March during the same year, but just before that happened, the Governor’s mandate was issued, ordering all theatres to close doors.

How much are the tickets?

The tickets, depending on seating, range between 119$-999$.

How can I purchase a ticket?

You can purchase play tickets through the link here.

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