Best Selling Shows on Broadway

Broadway has a lot to offer- musicals, plays, amazing costumes and stage decor. With all this choice, I know you are as curious as us to learn which ones are the top selling shows. Well, here’s a list of them and if you haven’t seen some, you should definitely put them in your bucket list.

  1. Lion King

Lion King is unanimously the top sold Broadway show, having sold 15 million seats to this day. It has been running since 1997 with around 10,000 performances and an average ticket price of 100$.

What makes it so special?

Lion King is deemed as an amazing fusion between artistry and entertainment. The moving music of Elton John and Tim Rice, combined with the amazing stagecraft orchestrated by the award winning director Julie Taymor, has won the musical 6 Tony awards.

The musical is a lively adaptation of the academy-award winning 1994 Disney film Lion King. The story follows the life of a young lion prince- Simba, who goes through the challenges of life together with 2 unusual yet hilarious friends. Fleeting the known land when his father is killed by Simba’s uncle, the lion prince later on returns with the mission to meet his enemy and fulfil his destiny of being a king.

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2. Wicked

Wicked is a runner up for most popular Broadway show. It has sold 12 million seats with average ticket price of 112$. It has been playing since 2003.

The Story

Wicked is a musical that takes a different angle on everything that happens in the land of Oz. A parallel universe of the classic story, it traces a real and profound friendship between 2 very different women. The popular, blond and pretty Glinda meets the emerald-green skinned and misunderstood Elphaba. That’s where it all begins.

Deemed as one of Broadway’s biggest blockbusters, it’s a show you wouldn’t wanna miss.

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3. The Phantom of the Opera

A classic that’s also the longest running show on Broadway, the Phantom of the Opera was first staged in 1988. It boasts a more affordable average ticket price of 54$, taking the coveted third place in our list. It has sold 19 million seats up to date.

The story

The 1910 novel by Gaston Leroux has turned into a global phenomenon and a franchise of its own and was adopted in more than ten films. The story follows the love obsession of the phantom that leaves in the theatre and his chosen one- Christine Daae. Christine is a singer, whom the phantom is secretly in love with. In order to have her perform on stage, he orchestrates a hit on Carlotta, who otherwise is the prima donna. After the accident, Carlotta quits the show and Christine’s audition gets notice. From that point, the story follows many unexpected turns, but you’ll have to see the magic for yourself!

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4. Chicago

With its original run in 1977, the iconic musical has sold around 10million seats with average ticket price of 73$.

The musical

A winner of 6 Tony Awards, including best revival of a musical, Chicago follows the story of 2 rival murdresses, locked in the Cook County Jail. A nightclub star and a chorus girl, the 2 women share passion for music, desire for fame, fortune and all that jazz. Expect tunes that are sure to have you dance and shake, even in your seat.

Celebrating 25 years on stage, if you haven’t seen it, now it’s the time!

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5. The Book of Mormon

With its original run in 2011, the musical has sold 4 million seats up to date, with average ticket price at 160$.

The Story

The Book of Mormon follows the story of 2 young missionaries, sent to Uganda in order to recruit citizens as followers of the Mormon religion. The duo has a unique dynamic as Elder Price is an energetic and enthusiastic go-getter and Elder Cunningham is a socially awkward nerd, who means well but has the tendency to get into trouble. The story follows their Uganda adventure, struggles and surprises.

The musical is the first, composed by South Park creators Parker and Stone, and is nothing but spectacular.

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