Billy Joel

Billy Joel, otherwise known as the “Piano Man” is an iconic singer and songwriter from NYC, catapulting to fame in the 1970s. William Martin Joel, as per his official name, was born in the Bronx, which served as an inspiration to his career. He took piano lessons from an early age, working at a piano bar to support himself, his mom and his sister during his teenage years. Joel dropped out of high school with the goal to pursue a music career.

Some of Joel’s main inspirations as music performers and bands were the early rock and roll, rhythm and blues artists including The Beatles, Elvis Presley and The Everly Brothers. The performance of The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show was a main trigger that pushed Joel towards pursuing a music career. Joel says that seeing The Beatles completely changed his understanding and take on how a band works as they were making their own lyrics, playing their own instruments and making their own rules.

Bill Joel was a part of 2 short-lived bands, before launching his first album in 1971. After the release, he caught the ear and eye of Columbia records with his song “Captain Jack” and signed a record deal in 1972. In 1977, Billy Joel released his breakthrough album “The Stranger,” which sold over 10 million copies. It contained 4 songs that were part of the “Top 25 hits on Billboard charts.” The song “Just the way you are” was dedicated to Joel’s first wife and won Grammy award for record of the year and for song of the year.

Joel’s album “Glass Houses” was inspired and recorded as a rebellion against the critics naming him as a soft-rocker and balladeer. The album was proof that he could rock harder and fit into a the style of new wave rock. The name came out of the idea that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks. Some of the hits from the album spent 6 weeks as No. 1 on the Billboard chart.

Billy Joel’s 5 sold out shows at Madison Square Garden earned him the Garden’s gold ticket award for selling more than 100,000 tickets at the venue.

Fast forward, in 2013, Billy Joel became The Garden’s first-ever music franchise, joining the ranks on New York Yankees and New York Rangers. Billy Joel has the most lifetime and consecutive performances at MSG and says that the shows will continue monthly, as long as there is a demand for it.

Can you see Billy Joel live in MSG this month?

Yes, his next show is on 24 March.

Are there still tickets available?

Yes, there are some tickets left and priced at 149$. You can find those here.

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