Broadway Schedule 11/29-12/05: Anticipated Openings

Broadway is back to its usual schedule after Thanksgiving week. That means that there are no major diverges off the schedule. Here’s the Broadway weekly schedule for 11/29 to 12/05.


Monday is usually dark for most of the shows. However, Chicago, Company, Freestyle Love Supreme, Phantom of the Opera, Six, and Waitress have scheduled performances. FLS and Waitress will start at 7 PM, while the rest will start at 8 PM.


The Phantom, Diana, and David Byrne’s American Utopia remain dark. However, everyone else is here! Most of the shows will start at 7 PM, with few expectations starting at 8 PM.


Matinee day! The majority of the shows have scheduled daytime performances starting at 2 PM (only To Kill a Mockingbird will start at 1 PM). Joe’s Diner and the Chicago Courthouse will remain closed for the day.

Broadway schedule for the rest of the week – 11/29 to 12/05

It’s business as usual through the week. All shows will appear in the evening on Thursday and Friday, starting at either 7 or 8 PM. Saturday, as Wednesday, features matinees by all of the shows, with Hamilton not running an evening performance.

Most of the shows, with a handful of exceptions, will have a matinee on Sunday. Only Aladdin, Book of Mormon, Chicago, Lion King, Moulin Rouge!, Six, Wicked, and Waitress will be on stage in the evening. Company and FLS will remain dark.


Two Broadway shows are on schedule to open between 11/29 and 12/05 – Slave Play and Mrs. Doubtfire.

Slave Play at the August Wilson Theater

Jeremy O. Harris’ Slave Play carefully intermingles the story of slavery in the US and the intimate relationships between the interracial couples that are in its center. Slave play received several nominations and awards, and a lot of buzz due to its controversial topics.

Slave Play officially opens on December 2 at the August Wilson Theater

Mrs. Doubtfire at the Stephen Sondheim Theater

Mrs. Doubtfire features a star-studded cast including Tony and Pulitzer nominees and winners. It is a story we all know and love – that of struggling actor Daniel Hillard, who finds redemption and the love of his family by the face of Scottish nanny Mrs. Doubtfire.

Mrs. Doubtfire officially opens December 5 at the Stephen Sondheim Theater

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