BXL Café

What our friends and staff say:

Great place for any time of the day – from breakfast, lunch to some drinks before a show.

Their breakfast is tasty and nutritious, pretty good if you’re working out.

I love Belgian beer and oysters! I think of becoming a regular.

Their sweets are superb! Great for your kids, and it gets even better with “Aladdin” and “The Lion King” being played just around the corner.

What do you associate Belgium with? International politics? Maybe. Chocolate? That’s better. Maybe waffles? Even better! And probably beer? There you go! We at BroadwayPass enjoy all of them (carefully of course), and yes, international politics, too.

BXL Café is situated 43 street, right next to Stephen Sondheim Theatre, and in great proximity with a lot more. The Sondheim is currently preparing the premiere of “Mrs. Doubtfire”. You can see “Aladdin” and “The Lion King” in the nearby “New Amsterdam” and “Minskoff”. And you can reach it easily by bus stops on 6th Avenue. The Times Square 24th St. and 24 St – Bryant Park subway stations are very close by.

BXL Café specializes in modern Belgian food. We mentioned what it’s famous for – waffles, chocolate, and beer. But not only. If you check their different menus you’ll find a variety of dishes that can suit any taste and dietary needs.

All of the products that you can have for breakfast are fresh – freshly baked pastry (sweet and sour croissants), fresh jus d’orange, a lot of coffee products (always hot), the famous waffles with berry compote, croquettes, tartines, and tea. You can get them up until around 11 AM. And then you can have brunch with some chicken, and blood sausage (not as scary as it sounds), steak, sandwiches, oysters (!!!), spaghetti, oeufs, and moules frites (great specials that you have to check on place).

Lunch offers include Prix Fixe, with a different menu every day, as well as a choice of one appetizer and one entrée. The appetizers include some fish, Frutti di mare, and cheese. The entrees offer a long list, with some meat specials, steak and omelets. Include the Frites (fries), salads, sandwiches, pasta, and burgers. Add this to the rich bar menu and you have anything for any taste. The dinner menu is somewhat the same as the lunch one, with some very classy additions like the Les Viandes – tasty meat specials. The vegetarian will find their meals at the brunch, lunch, and dinner menus. The Veggie burger, Pasta Checca, Gnocchi Pesto, and most of the impressive salad menu.

The Belgian beers are widely regarded as some of the best in the world. And for a reason. As you may expect – there are two very long lists that you can pick from. From the light crown jewels like Stella Artois and Leffe Blond to stronger ales like Houblon Chouffe, and Delirum Tremens. If you want something different you should ask your waiter for the rotating drafts. The bottled beers’ list is even longer, with the alcohol % going from an absolute 0.0% up to 11.3%. You can also find some ciders, and even a gluten-free beer (the Green Gluten-Free). Their wines and cocktails are pretty good, too, and are worth trying, if you’re not into beers.

BXL Café organizes a very cool event called “All you can eat Mussels”. For $29 you get a portion of frites, a Stella, and, well…all you can eat Mussels. You can also contact them by a form on their website to arrange catering or a personal event, or to order online.

So, do you want to grab a bite and a beer before your BroadwayPass show? Or get some waffles with your kid before “The Lion King” or “Aladdin”? Head to BXL Café for all of that.

125 W 43rd St, New York City, NY 10036-6505


[email protected]

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