Cha Pa’s Noodles & Grill

Cha Pa’s Noodles & Grill

What our staff and friends say:

Cha Pa’s got me into Pho! Really healthy and light, perfect when you want to get in shape after the holidays!

Amazing Green tea ice cream (yeah, I eat ice cream in winter). Unique, refreshing and full of anti-oxidants.

The hu tieu kho (dry pho)! It’s very popular around town and for a reason!

Vietnamese cuisine is quickly gaining popularity around NYC and the US. It is very tasty, healthy and nutritious. And one of the best places to get a taste of it is Cha Pa’s Noodles & Grill. The place is located at just 0.3 miles of Times Square and BroadwayPass’s office. It is near The Gershwin, Broadway Theatre, The Winter Garden, and Studio 54, so if you’re up for some “Wicked”, “West Side Story”, and “Beetlejuice”, this is your place for a pre- or after-show dinner. It is easy to access by the subway on 49th, 50th, 50th Street and Broadway, as well as 7th avenue.

The Vietnamese cuisine is quickly gaining on the Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Thai cuisine, mostly due to being very healthy. The common ingredients include a lot of rice, chicken, fish, some pork and a lot of spices. The vegetarians aren’t forgotten and there are some delicious tofu dishes for them.

Pho, sauces, and refreshments

What made Cha Pa’s Noodles & Grill famous around is the pho. The pho is a soup with fresh rice noodles. The Pho-nomenon is a local phenomenon and got very famous around. The Super Bowl, the Special Pho, and Hell’s Kitchen are great additions to their long list of dishes. The vegetarians have a great option with the Vegetable Pho.

The Vermicelli Bowls are noodles with veggies. You can add Sunny eggs, shrimps or Crispy-Fried Cha Gio Roll. They come with pork, chicken, shrimp, and pineapple.

The Popular dishes are probably the coolest offer on the menu. Obama’s bun cha (yes, named after the President), the Saigon Special and the Grilled Five-spice Chicken are a must-try.

Although featuring mostly meat dishes, Cha Pa’s Noodles & Grill offers amazing vegetarian options. The Lotus Salad Tofu, Summer Rolls, Vegetable Pho, Lemongrass Tofu Noodles are tasty, nutritious and are a great fit for anyone’s taste.

The lunch menu is sufficient, diverse, tasty and gets served pretty fast. It is always hot and it’s great for the cold winter days. And with offers such as the Perfect pair, Five Spices Fried Chicken, and the Pho Special can turn Cha Pa’s into a favorite lunching place.

Fresh, and tasty!

The staff works with the typical for the Far East precision, politeness, and speed. They are always smiling and helpful when you have a doubt about what to pick.  The place is very nice and cozy with minimalistic design. The interior carries the vibe of modern-day urban Hanoi.

If it is “New Year – New You” and you want to start eating healthy – head to Cha Pa’s Noodles & Grill. But don’t forget that it’s the same old BroadwayPass.

Cha Pa’s Noodles & Grill

314 W 52nd St, New York City, NY 10019-6213

[email protected]

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