Crab House All You Can Eat Seafood

What do our friends and staff say:

Superb seafood – fresh and tasty.

I love buffet restaurants. All you can eat! And the price is pretty good.

Amazing place with fresh food. And it’s just a step away from Theatre district.

Seafood is a BroadwayPass favorite. However, one trick with it is to find it fresh. Crab House All You Can Eat Seafood is such a place. At just a walking distance from Times Square and Theater District. Even the most distanced theaters like “Richard Rogers”, “Lunt – Fontaine”, and the Majestic are a mile away. So if you want to see “Hamilton”, “Tina”, “The Phantom of the Opera” and the rest of Broadway hits, and you don’t want to walk for 10 or some minutes, you can take the bus from Lexington Ave. or Park Ave. Or you can use the subway from the 51st St. Station or Lexington – 53rd  St Avenue. Of course, you can take the short walk through Manhattan, avoid traffic jams, and check some of the shopping places on the way.

Dungeness Crab

Crab House All You Can Eat Seafood offers a wide variety of seafood and even several dishes From the Land. It’s a buffet, so you can enjoy all the tasty seafood you want for just $55. Kids age 8-11 pay $15.95, and age 3-7 – $6.95. The buffet menu is really rich. As the very name suggests – they have fine crab specials. The Jumbo Crab Legs w. old bay, Dungeness crab w. salt & pepper, Fresh Blue Crab w. spicy sauce are just a small portion of the menu. Then you have a lot of fish – bass, salmon, and then you have calamari, and tons of shrimp, oyster, and mussels. If you’re in a mood for “ground food” then you can pick from chicken, Iron Steak, and ribs. The vegetarians will love the broccoli in brown sauce, and the seaweed salad. All of the fish is wild-caught. They never use frozen.

Crab Legs w. old bay

As a seafood top special, the lobster is in high demand. In Crab House All You Can Eat Seafood is considered an extra, and it isn’t included in the buffet menu. You can get a whole one for $28, and two tails for $25.

A cool feature on the website are the tags. “Fresh”, “juicy”, “yummy”, and “amazing” are just a part. And they don’t lie.

Crab House All You Can Eat Seafood offers special Free Birthday Meal. The birthday boy/girl has a free meal if they bring 4 or more people with them. And their ID. You even can celebrate your birthday at the spot. You can rent the party room that accommodates up to 100(!!!) people. You can have it with the Party package that costs $55 (kids pay half the price), and rent it for 3 hours. You can decorate the room the way you want, and request for an entertainer. 


Crab House

135 E 55th Street New York, NY 10022

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