Etcetera Etcetera

Etcetera Etcetera

“Etcetera Etcetera” serves some of the best lamb shank, homemade gluten-free tagliatelle, and one of the finest chocolate custards ever! Come get a great bite of some great Mediterranean or Italian cuisine after a show at the Majestic or Music Box.

It is a stylish place located near Music Box Theatre, Broadway Dance Center, and Majestic Theatre, at approximately 0.3 miles from Times Square. It is a great, communicative location where you can grab a bite before/after you see “Dear Evan Hansen” or “Phantom of the Opera”.  It can easily be reached by bus and subway (it’s very near subway stations and the bus stops on 9th Avenue and W 44th Street).

 “Etcetera Etcetera” has specialized in serving Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. And they are amongst the best in Theatre District. The Prix Fixe is set at $42. Their meat menus include delicious chicken, char and their famous lamb shank. Their vegetarian/vegan menus include fine farfalle, penne or fusilli with tomato sauce or seasonal veggies. Their fish menu is very rich (it’s a Mediterranean restaurant after all) with their sesame-crusted roasted salmon and tuna with asparagus being top-notch. They have great desserts, too. The chocolate custard (an old family recipe) is the stuff of legends. “Etcetera Etcetera” has a great lunch menu with some tasty been or beef soups.

You will find a large assortment of drinks at “Etcetera Etcetera”. From a long wine list with wines from Italy, France and the whole Mediterranean and great assortment of beers to masterful cocktails. They are in all shapes, colors, and tastes, but are of the highest quality!

The place is very beautiful and fancy without being flashy and over the top. The dining room is large enough to accommodate all your friends and family without being too tight. The atmosphere is calm and pleasant with a traditional chill Mediterranean vibe. The service is fast, with the typical Italian warmth in communication. If you are new to Italian/Mediterranean cuisine, they will gladly help you pick. Definitely worth your tip!

They also offer organized events in a renovated room. You can book your event through the website or by phone call.

One of the cool features of “Etcetera Etcetera” is the Monday Happy Hour. Every Monday, between 5 pm – 7 pm, you can get your hands on some delicious plates (I highly recommend the Italian cured meat plate and the fries with rosemary), great selection of beers and a list of great Italian wines.

“Etcetera Etcetera” is a decorated place. Amongst the certificates, you will find Michelin Guide recommendations, ZAGAT certificates and TripAdvisor certificates of excellence.

May I give you any advice? Head to BroadwayPass, grab a ticket for “Dear Evan Hansen” or “The Phantom of the Opera”, pay “Etcetera Etcetera” a visit, and then go see your show. That way you will combine the visual entertainment of a great show with some gastronomic entertainment of some great food! And you’ll have the opportunity to share your expectations of some of the top-ranking shows on Broadway.

Etcetera Etcetera:

352 W 44th St Ground, New York City, NY 10036-5419

+1 212-399-4141

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