Fresh from Hell

Fresh from Hell

What better way to start your day than some freshly-squeezed juice or smoothie with a freshly baked bagel? Or get a bowl of purple gold? And all this in the heart Theater District? “Fresh from Hell” is the place to visit!

There isn’t anything hellish or satanic in “Fresh from Hell”, not at all. It’s just about the location – the infamous Hell’s Kitchen on the West Side. A pretty good location – near the 50 Street Subway, 50 Street Broadway, and just between the 8th and 9th Avenue. It’s a great place to grab something healthy if you’re visiting The Broadway Theatre or The Gershwin Theatre to see either “West Side Story” or “Wicked”.


“Fresh from Hell” provides hellishly fresh and delicious healthy meals. You can get some fresh bagels with cashew cream cheese, oatmeal with creamy coconut milk, and some Greek yogurt. And you can add some superfood boost with some seeds from hemp, flax, and Chia, to make your breakfast even more awesome. And you can complement it all with a smoothie or some juice. Fresh (as hell!) – from a classic OJ, apple & watermelon to a great combo of berries and some not very common stuff you seen in a smoothie, like kale, spinach, and parsley. They even have trademarked several smoothies – Collagen Glow™, Gym buddy™ Açai Deluxe™, and Zingy Açai™. You can superboost those, too, with some seeds, protein, or collagen protein. For lunch, you can pick from soups, salads, sandwiches or some combos (soup + sandwich). Their sandwich list is very long and includes some tasty ones with chicken, mozzarella, avocado, and even a vegan option – the Hum-V.

The “Collagen Glow”

The crown jewel of “Fresh from Hell” are the açai bowls. For those that don’t know – the açaí or açaí berry is the fruit of the açaí palm tree. It is native to South America, the Caribbean and Suriname. The berries are purple and resemble grape. They are gaining enormous popularity for their health benefits. You can choose from bowls with home-made granola, seeds, peanut butter, chocolate or the famous Hell’s Kitchen Sink. You can find açai in a couple of smoothies Açai Deluxe™, and Zingy Açai™. All of them are a great way to boost your energy if you’re working out or just on a theatre-watching spree on Broadway. They also offer catering. You can download their brochure or send them an offer via the form on their website.

Açai bowl

The place isn’t very big, yet it’s very comfortable. Very colorful and fresh. There are stools near the window, where you can gaze outside (and maybe see someone famous!). The staff is swift and always smiling, adding kindness to your tasty meal. 

“Fresh from Hell” is a renowned place with some awards and certificates including #1 Best Healthy Food in Midtown West at Yelp, TripAdvisor’s 2019 certificate of Excellence, Yelp’s “People Love us Award” 2016, 2017 and 2019. They are also popular on social media, receiving numerous positive reviews. And they have a great gift shop, too.

A cool feature on their website is Hellthy Fix. There you can read about vitamins, minerals and what they do, and which fruit/veggie contains them. You can also find the recipes of your favorite smoothies and juices with links to Instagram, where you can read more about them.

So, if you’re sightseeing in Manhattan or seeing a show on Broadway with BroadwayPass, the best place to get some healthy energy is “Fresh from Hell”.

326 W 47th St, New York City, NY 10036-3115

+1 212-956-4355

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