How to buy discounted tickets for Mean Girls on Broadway

“Mean Girls” on Broadway is a huge favorite of at least a couple of generations. That is why it’s not uncommon to see parents with teens enjoying the high school razzle-dazzle on stage. That is why we’ve created this guide on how to buy discounted tickets for “Mean Girls”

The musical is by the same cult author that created the iconic classic some two decades ago. Again, Tina Fey is involved in creating the script of both the film and the stage show. So, expect a lot of love, lies, Kalteen bars, Burn Books, and tons of teen shenanigans. Fetch!

Discounted tickets for Mean Girls on Broadway

Taking into account all of the facts above, “Mean Girls” is in high demand, so seats might be scarce, or prices might be sky-high. That is why we will try to provide you with the best offers on how and when to buy fetch tickets!

The best offer is undoubtedly at the box office of the August Wilson Theater. The second best are the TKTS booths. Keep in mind that both places run out of tickets very quickly, and the lines at the TKTS can seem endless.

You can always turn to the secondary market like licensed resellers, but most of them provide tickets at a very high cost, and also include service fees, that makes the price even higher. We can recommend two re-sellers that provide quality seats at excellent prices. Do remember that the resellers sell highly overpriced tickets, so the box office should be the first place to check, followed by the discounted ticket websites.

Broadway Pass

Ticket prices from: $59

Site type: Discounted tickets/Box Office/Resale

Broadway Pass provides discounted tickets for Mean Girls on Broadway on probably the best price on the market! They purchase tickets directly from the box office. Also, Broadway Pass provides both a primary and secondary market, so you can buy discounted tickets on their box offices around Times Square, and on their website.


Ticket prices from: $59

TodayTix provides a similar price to that of Broadway Pass, with a smaller fee that can be found in the website’s terms and conditions. After purchasing your ticket, you’ll receive it in front of the theater. The lack of the option of picking your seat and row can be considered a minus.

StubHub also provides a ticket offer. It is by far more expensive than those above ($93), but a large reseller like StubHub can provide an adequate last-minute offer.

When to buy

The situation here is pretty much the same like every popular Broadway show. You should tend to buy tickets as earlier as possible. That way you can take advantage of the options listed above. You will be able to find great seats at cheap prices.

Let’s set a date two days before. You will have around 500 tickets at box office with a cost around the one, mentioned above ($59), and a bit below 200 on the resale market with a large markup over face value. The busiest buying period is the day of the performance. At around 2 hours before the start, there will be only around 80 box office tickets in stock and 17 resale tickets at significantly higher prices.

August Wilson Theater – home of “Mean Girls” on Broadway

A big venue with 1,222 seats, August Wilson Theater can accommodate anyone who wants to see “Mean Girls” on Broadway. The hall is separated into an orchestra and a mezzanine, both quite large. The box office is held by the show in question. It grossed $1,994,386 for the week ending December 30, 2018.


Do remember that prices fluctuate and getting discounted tickets for “Mean Girls” on Broadway will heavily depend on the day and time of your selected performance.

Monday → no show

Tuesday →7pm

Wednesday →2pm, 8pm

Thursday →8pm

Friday →8pm

Saturday →2pm, 8pm

Sunday →2:30pm

Why should you see “Mean Girls” on Broadway?

We’ve all been in high school, but we remember the time being in a different way. Some of us have been Regina, others have been Cady. Other people could have been Janis, Damian, Aaron, Gretchen, Glen Coco, or Karen (please don’t be a Karen).

The main plotline follows the arrival of Cady Heron from the African savannah to a suburban high school in the United States. She wants friends with hands and has seen a snake eat a cow. However, in the concrete jungle things are pretty much the same. The school is dominated by an Apex Predator – Regina George, and her pack of two – Gretchen and Karen, who terrorize the school yard. They invite Cady to join them for lunch, and she steadily becomes a part of their clique. She later meets and falls for Aaron – the school’s pretty boy. And who turns out to be Regina’s ex.


This sets ignite the rivalry between the two, which culminates in Cady overthrowing Regina as Queen Bee. She then leads the Plastics, while Regina licks her wounds. But then she unleashes the Burn Book that puts the school in utter mayhem. Cady gets dumped by everyone and is expelled from the school for a while. And Regina gets hit by a bus. But it’s all well when it ends well. Cady wins Spring Queen and divides her plastic crown with every girl in attendance. She gets back to Aaron, mends fences with Janis and Damian, and embraces Regina. How sweet!

“Mean Girls” has received high critical and audience acclaims, despite failing to win any of its twelve Tony Awards Nominations. All of the actors are young, talented, and lovable, with Reneé Rapp presenting a master class in “How to be a villain” in her role as Regina George.

The music is a blast! Many of the song have chart-topping potential. The original cast recording debuted at number 42 on the Billboard 200 chart.


“Mean Girls” is a nostalgia trip on so many levels – from the cult classic 2004 movie all the way to our high school years. We’ve all been there, and we were part of it. “Mean Girls” on Broadway is high school made fun! The show has it all – a clash between the veteran and the young upstart, an old rivalry, love, hate, adventures, and fun, fun, fun!

If you want more info on the plot summary, music, and acting of “Mean Girls” on Broadway, please check this article.

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