How to get cheap tickets for Chicago on Broadway

Pop. Six. Squish. Uh uh. Cicero. Lipschitz. We had it coming. “Chicago” is a Broadway icon. This red-hot story of murder, adultery, lies, fame, and all that jazz has successfully crossed all borders of pop culture (in more than one way) and is a huge hit on Broadway as it is on the big screen. Read below if you want to know how, where, and why to get cheap tickets for “Chicago” on Broadway.  

Ticket prices – where to get cheap tickets for Chicago on Broadway?

You can see “Chicago” every evening except on Monday and Sunday. There are both matinees and evening performances on Wednesday and Saturday, and an early show on Sunday.

The current run on “Chicago” has been on Broadway since 1996, making it the second-longest-running musical in New York City. It is a show of high demand and tickets can be very, very expensive, and depending on the time – very scarce. 

We analyzed and crunched some data, based on more than 100 performances across different vendors (both online and at the box office). In this article, you will find data on the best seats, price ranges, discount codes, seating charts, and information on when to buy your tickets in order to get the best price and availability.

The Ambassador Theater is a large venue with 1,100 seats which are divided into Orchestra, Front, and Rear Mezzanine. Prices usually start from $60 per seat (with a discount code) and may reach $110 for the Orchestra. The most preferred sections by our customers are the Rear Mezzanine ($59 per ticket), Front Mezzanine Center (usually the front rows, priced at around $89 per ticket), and the Orchestra Side (priced again at $89 per ticket). Tickets for the front rows of the Orchestra (premium seats) can reach more than $200. 

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The Ambassador Theater – seating chart

The best time to get cheap tickets for Chicago on Broadway

Prices may fluctuate depending on the day of the week and time left until the performance you want to visit. The best time to buy is two or three days before the selected performance. At this time you will have access to a pool of more than 600 tickets – around 500 on box office (cheapest option), and 125 on resale websites. Nearly 400 of them will be sold 12 hours prior to the show, and there would be nearly no tickets left 3 or 4 hours before the opening curtain. You would be able to find single tickets at an inflated price, and only on the secondary market (resale websites). 

D:\Reviews\Review Shows\Medium\Chicago When to buy.png
Best time to buy cheap tickets for “Chicago” on Broadway

Where to buy cheap tickets for “Chicago” the musical

Here you have two options – primary market (, box office, TKTS booth, physical location in general) and secondary market (re-seller, will list resale tickets when the box office is sold out). 

Undoubtedly, the best place to buy is from the ticket booth at the Ambassador. Another good option of the primary market is the TKTS booth. A huge upside of the TKTS is that they sell tickets for more shows. However, be prepared for long queues. BroadwayPass also has several ticket booths scattered around Times Square. 

When shopping online (on the secondary market) keep in mind that the tickets might be higher due to the service fees. 

Why choose “Chicago”? 

Provocative, sexy, and edgy, this Broadway classic will raise the levels of heat in the Ambassador to the absolute maximum!

The show follows a real-life story from Jazz Era Chicago. All of the characters – Velma, Roxie, Billy, and Amos are based on real people that took part in a trial that was turned to a media vaudeville by real-life Roxie and Billy.

Roxie Hart is accused of the murder of her lover. When sent to prison she asks her faithful husband – Amos Hart, to find her the lawyer celebrity Billy Flynn, widely for turning his cases into vaudevilles, capitalizing on media attention. 

However, in prison, she crosses paths with veteran cellmate – Velma Kelly. Velma strives to become a vaudeville star, and even practices several “tricks”. Young, ambitious, and motivated, Roxie steals all this from her, along with the spotlight and Billy. 

Meanwhile, Billy has taken control of every move that Roxie makes and sells her story along with his trusted associate – columnist Mary Sunshine. However, this gives Roxie exactly what she wants – to become Chicago’s hottest celebrity. And just as she loses steam, she comes up with the brilliant idea that she’s pregnant! Pregnant in prison! I don’t know if she’s proud, but Amos certainly was…

Billy, suspicious and opportunistic, states that Roxie hasn’t slept with Amos for four months. He tries to add spice with a divorce. Roxie fires him, and re-hires him, after an accident with another cellmate. 

Despite all of Roxie’s efforts, she manages to get half an hour of fame at best. Billy gets her acquitted, and the media moves forward to another spicy crime. But we have an open ending. Roxie and Velma form a vaudevillian duet. They are promoted by a familiar gentleman, who turns out to be Mary, and they have Billy’s fingerprints all over them. I mean – all over the duet! 

Music and Acclaim

During its long, long life on Broadway, “Chicago” has won six Tony Awards in 1997 (which is a record for a revival), including Outstanding Actress in a Musical and Outstanding Featured Actor in a Musical for Roxie and Billy (hey, Roxie added an extra minute of fame!). The original cast recording won a Grammy Award for Best Musical Show Album in 1998. We all agree that this is fair, judging by the fact that we all know (and LOVE) “Cell Block Tango” and “All That Jazz”. 


We all have our 15 minutes of fame, and many people strive for them. However, a “selected” few do their “best” to remain in the spotlight for as much as they can, no matter the cost. And, of course, there will be always people, who would kindly help them. Yet, fame is temporary, and trends move on, especially when built on a scandal. This reminds me of modern-day reality stars. Can we bill Roxie as the first one in history? 

Nevertheless, all that razzle-dazzle is what makes “Chicago” an eternal Broadway hit.

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