KungFu Kitchen

KungFu Kitchen

Do you want to take a culinary trip to China? Do you want to taste the Far East while in Manhattan? And what about the best Steamed buns and Pulled Noodles in whole New York? You can do all that in one place – Kungfu Kitchen!

At a top location at 8th Avenue, near the 50th Street Subway station and bus stops, and 0.2 miles from Times Square itself, it is popular amongst theatre-goers, especially those that visit “Wicked”, “West Side Story” and “Radio City Christmas Spectacular”.

Kungfu Kitchen has strong claims on being the best and their assortment of goodies supports it. As mentioned above – their hand-pulled noodles are a masterpiece. You can choose from a wide variety like the house special – stir-fried ramen, with all sorts of meat (including duck and squid) or with veggies. You can get them in combo with some soup, too. A common ingredient in all dishes is bok choy. It’s a type of Chinese cabbage commonly used in Chinese cuisine. Unlike its western “cousin” it does not form the typical heads but is leafier. And for only a buck you can substitute your common noodles with Dao Xiao – the knife-cut noodles. Making them is an art. They look and taste amazing.

KungFu Kitchen steamed buns

The xiao long bao steamed buns and dumplings are a must-try. The buns go with pork, crab, shrimp and Chinese okra (aka luffa – a vegetable like a cucumber). The dumplings go in six, and you have a vegetarian option. Their desserts are also pretty interesting with sweet babao rice and red beans “dominating” the menu.

Another cool offer is the dim sum. Dim sum is a Chinese cuisine style where the food is in small portions (like bites or nuggets) and is served in small plates or baskets. The Shanghai spring rolls are probably the most famous representatives of this tasty style.

Delicious dishes!

Kungfu Kitchen is a rather small but cozy place. Due to its reputation, communicative location and proximity to Gershwin Theatre, Broadway Theatre and Radio City Hall, it can often be full. However, the staff is experienced in such situations and handles all of it with ease and smile. And you have the option to order online and enjoy the exotic tastes at your home (although, this way you’ll miss the atmosphere).

KungFu Kitchen is pretty famous around. The restaurant was featured in NBC 4’s News, Eater New York’s 24 Terrific New York Chinese Restaurants, and even got an article in “The New York Times”!

The famous noodles in the making

So, if you’re around Manhattan and you want to wander a bit in the narrow streets of Beijing or Shanghai before going to a show with BroadwayPass, don’t hesitate but pay KungFu Kitchen a visit!

140 E 55th St, New York City, NY 10022-4513, Midtown West

+1 212-804-8556


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