Lyceum Theatre guide.

Lyceum Theatre which is one of the oldest theatres on Broadway (opened 1903) can seat 922 people. In order to make your Broadway experience in this Theatre, we have put together a guide of everything you would want to know, from the seating chart to what is the best value seats!

Lyceum Theatre – Recommended Seats

• Great view at reasonable price. [Mid price]
Side Orchestra row C-K
Side Mezzanine row A-E
Center Mezzanine row D-E
Side Balcony row A-C
Center Balcony row A-C

• The best view seats [Premium price]
Center Mezzanine row A-C
Center Orchestra row A-H
Side Orchestra row A-B

• Decent seats [Low price]
Orchestra row L-O
Mezzanine row F-J
Balcony row D-G

• Best Legroom
Orchestra row A
Mezzanine row A
Balcony row A
Or Any aisle seats.

Seating Capacity: 922
Orchestra: 398
Mezzanine : 287
Balcony : 210

Recommended seats from BroadwayPass Team!

If you looking for the best seats in the house we will always suggest the first Center Orchestra from row A to row H. And if you are shorter or with kids we would definitely recommend Mezzanine Center row A to row C.

If you looking for lower price range good seats would be Orchestra from C to row K on the side. The view is great! Also, Mezzanine row A to row D on the side is pretty good!

If you looking for the cheapest option, but still getting nice view of the stage our recommendation is Orchestra in the back /center or side/ or Mezzanine side from D to H or Balcony C to E!

If you want to see pictures from the seats, you can check this link that offers pictures from most of the seats in the venue. [Click here!]

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