Macbeth on Broadway with Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig is making his anticipated return to Broadway this spring alongside stellar actress Ruth Negga, who is making her Broadway debut. We take a look at Daniel Craig’s acting background and the play’s season revival.

Daniel Craig is of French and Welsh descend, having been born in Chester, Cheshire. His mother was an arts teacher and his father a midshipman, who later owned two pubs.

Craig began his acting career in school plays at when he was just six. At the age of 16, Craig was accepted in the National Youth Theatre in London, where he moved and worked part-time in restaurants to finance his education. Later on he entered the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, graduating as an actor from the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Craig’s early roles started in 1992, appearing in Afrikaner, following short appearances in various TV shows.

In 2005, Craig was contacted and offered the role of Enlightenment secret agents 007 James Bond. At first hesitant, it took a lot of the producers convincing and a lot of Craig’s friends to assure him there is ‘life after Bond’ for the actor to say ‘yes’ to the role. Craig aimed at bringing more emotional depth to the character, as he was aware that it would be a franchise series and a money-making machine, hence he wanted to develop a character beyond the mass production.

There was quite a backlash after Craig having been chosen for the role as a lot of folks claimed he didn’t fit the standard visually and also Craig is the first actor to embody Bond, who was actually born after the Bond series started.

Although some of the public protested, a lot of fellow actors voiced their support towards Craig, including Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan and Roger Moore, who said that Daniel was a great choice for the role.

The first movie Casino Royal launched in 2006, becoming the highest-grossing Bond movie at this time. James later lent his voice for 2 Nintendo games that were under the James Bond brand and story.

After James Bond, Craig acted in a number of dramas, as well as going up on Broadway with fellow actor Hugh Jackman, starring in a Steady Rain for a limited time.

Macbeth on Broadway

A drama of malice, murder and matrimony, the play follows the story on a couple’s obsession with power and ability to do the unthinkable. Running for 15 weeks only, Shakespeare’s play is revived like never before, with ferocity, passions and boldness.

When asked about the play, Craig said he knew they could really put a great show and thus had to say ‘yes’ to the role. The team has grown really close and harmonious, which you could see on stage. Craig’s on-stage chemistry with Ruth Negga is obvious and makes the script even more believable.


Macbeth’s rush tickets priced at 45$ are first come, first served and a limited amount for each performance. Tickets can be purchased at Longacre Theater box office, as well as here.

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