Nolita Pizza

What do our friends and staff say:

Does a visit to Nolita Pizza counts as a visit to Italy? It sure tastes authentic enough.

A great place, a bit off the hustle of Theatre District. And a great place to go before seeing “STOMP”

Everything is genuine Italian – pizza, pasta, calzone. I’m in love with the Homemade Meatball Alla Parmigiana Hero.

The owners of Nolita Pizza take a lot of pride in the unique culinary experience that their restaurant provides. They use the finest ingredients, such as imported cold-pressed virgin oil, homemade marinara sauce, and the finest quality aged mozzarella, but their favorite one is Love.

Nolita Pizza is situated on 2nd Avenue and St. Marks, a bit away from our original territory of Theatre District and Times Square. Yet, it is very close-by to one of the finest shows around – “Stomp”. Yet, the place is worth the extra mile.

  Nolita Pizza offers one of the finest traditional Italian cuisine on the block. You can pick from a solid menu that includes pizza, calzone, and heros (much like Heroes, they are just that good). Of course, they offer superb appetizers, salads, and entrees. The heros come with chicken cutlet, meatball parmigiana, sausage, and pepper. There is a vegetarian option with eggplant. You also have this super cool option to make your own calzone with your favorite ingredients for just $8. The entrée list includes traditionals like Eggplant Alla Parmigiana Dinner or Pasta Bolognese Dinner. Or you can have a Penne Alla Vodka Dinner. The appetizers are traditional, too – wings, Cesar salad, Greek Salad, and the amazing House salad. The pizzas are in a league of their own. Pepperoni, Regina Napoletana, Formaggio Bianco, Vegetable Pie, two gluten-free offers…you name it.

Nolita Pizza has some very good catering and party menus, as well as an ordering option all by forms on their website. You can get free delivery for orders above $15.

So if you’re up for a gastronomic tour in Italy, and some “Stomp”, as well as some time away from Times Square – Nolita Pizza!

Nolita Pizza

128 2nd Ave, New York City, NY 10003

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