Pamela Anderson in Chicago-the Musical

An absolute icon, “Baywatch” star and activist, 54-year old Pamela Anderson doesn’t seize to explore and build on her experience, now with starring for a limited time in one of Broadway’s most loved musicals- Chicago. In light of the star’s Broadway debut as Roxie Hart, we take a little walk down memory lane.

Pamela Denise Anderson was a Canadian-American, sharing some Finnish and Russian heritage. Daughter of a furnace repairman and a waitress, she grew up in British Columbia.

She had an early modelling start, being a spokesperson for Labbat beer, who scouted her at a football game. In 1989, she appeared on Playboy’s October issue. Since then, she holds the record for a most Playboy covers a woman has ever been featured on.

Acting Career

Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, Pamela landed a small role in the ABC series “Home Improvement.” She left the show after 2 seasons and landed the legendary role of C.J. Parker from Baywatch. The show catapulted her career and solidified her reputation as a sex symbol. Pamela starred in the show for 5 seasons, between 1992 and 1997, making her one of the longest-serving cast members.

In 1994, Pamela was casted for her first movie role in Raw Justice. Since then, she appeared in Barb Wire, Casablanca’s remake, The Nanny and more.

In 1997, Pamela guest-hosted Saturday Night Live and appeared on the cover of Playboy’s September issue.


In 2004, Anderson released a book- “Star,”co-written by Eric Shaw Quinn. The book follows the story of a teenager and her life battles whilst trying to become famous.

Later on, Pamela released a second book – “Star Struck,” about her life with Tommy Lee and her rising to fame.


Pamela is known for her activism and support towards PETA and anti-animal harm. She posed for a controversial PETA ad, wearing a bikini and having her body sections as meat parts. The ad was banned in Quebec, but created a lot of buzz and conversation around the topic. She also starred in a Valentine’s campaign urging dog owners to show more affection to their pets. The star also wrote a letter to Putin, urging him to save whales.

Personal Life

Pamela has been married 6 times. Her first husband- Tommy Lee and her got married only after knowing each other for 4 days. Tommy was the drummer of the band Motley Crue. The couple spent 3 years together before getting a divorce and have 2 kids. She was briefly engaged to model Marcus Schenkenberg, following an engagement to Kid Rock.

Anderson divorced Kid Rock less than 1 year after being together. In 2007 she announced she was engaged to poker player Rick Salomon. The star first got their marriage annulled, but in 2015 she announced she and Rick had remarried, divorcing in April that year.

Pamela went on to have 2 more short-lived marriages with producer Jon Peters and her bodyguard Dan Hayhurst.

Pamela Anderson and Chicago

Pamela says that she has been rehearsing her whole life for the role of Roxy Hart. She draws a parallel between the heroine’s life story and hers. Roxy has been played by the likes of Brooke Shields, Gwen Verdon and Ann Reinking. This is the first time Anderson takes upon a Broadway role and says she is taking in everything as a ‘sponge’- learning by the minute.

The star says the preparation for the musical is a lot of hard work, which she loves. Three hours of dancing, two hours of acting and one hour of voice. As big of a challenge as it is, Anderson says that at this point in her life she is ready and she has a lot of story and depth to draw from for the role.


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