Red Poke

What our staff and friends say:

I can’t believe that they actually allow you to make your own meal! How cool is that!

All of their ingredients are always fresh and you can see that they are of very high quality.

Let’s not forget their signature dishes. I’m a terrible cook, but their chef is amazing and their dishes are superb.

We from BroadwayPass give you green light to visit Red Poke. Situated near Times Square it is very near most of the major theatres on Broadway. So if you want to visit some of the top shows and want to grab something light and fresh to eat after the holidays, then this is your place. Nearby are The Al Hirschfeld where you can see the “Moulin Rouge!”, “Richard Rogers” where you can see “Hamilton”, The Majestic with “The Phantom of The Opera” and Minskoff savannah with “The Lion King”.

We all have our tastes. Some of us like hot, others – sour, and many people have a sweet tooth. Many of us, when at a restaurant, tell the waiter “include this, exclude that, more of this”. Well, Red Poke has an answer – they give you the opportunity to channel your inner Jamie Oliver (or Gordon Ramsay) and “build” your own meal. 

One of the many custom-made dishes at “Red Poke”

First of all – you have to pick a size (medium or large). Then – a base. You can choose from supergreens, japchae noodles, white or bb rice, and quinoa. Then you add raw (fish) or grilled protein (from pork to tofu). Next are the mix-ins – greens and veggies. After that, you pick a sauce – a total of eight options with several gluten-free ones. The toppings give you the opportunity to add more greens, protein or carbs, and the crunch – some seeds and fibers. They also offer handmade dumplings and sides that will complement your meal. With some imagination, culinary skills you will be able to make yourself a delicious and unique dish, and with some knowledge in healthy eating, you will get a meal that perfectly fits your diet and training routine. You have your own options and you can combine them as you wish.

Tuna or Salmon?

However, their signature bowls are not to be underestimated. The Poke dishes (with the salmon dreamin), the grilled ones (with the Gangnam) are super tasty and nutritious, as well as healthy. You have a vegan option with the Hell’s Veggie. 

More of Red Poke’s custom dishes

The place is very neat and pleasant with a casual vibe. The staff is very friendly helpful and always smiling.

Red Poke has a mission – to deliver good food to everyone with their 4Fs – Fun, Fast, Fresh and Friendly. They strive to be the best and go for it with a smile, politeness, and professionalism.

If you are a highly creative person and you love cooking, then Red Poke is your place to visit. This is the perfect way to set yourself in the mood for a great Broadway show with BroadwayPass.

Red Poke

885 8th Ave, New York, NY 10019 – Midtown West

600 9th Ave,, New York, NY 10036

[email protected]

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