Sleep No More

What’s Sleep No more?

Sleep no more is an immersive theatrical experience, created by the master minds behind Emursive. Staged in the McKittrick hotel and spread out over it’s 5 floors, guests are welcomed in and required to wear Venetian masks. Lured in by the actors, each guest plays a role in the scenario’s culmination.

The location

The McKittrick Hotel was completed in 1939, and was designed to become New York City’s most luxurious decadent hotel. Just six weeks prior its opening an 2 days after the outbreak of World War II, plans rapidly changed. The stunning hotel was left and locked empty.

The Emursive group brings Grande Dame back to life.

The story

The Sleep no More plot is based on Shakespeare’s classic Scottish tragedy Macbeth, shown through a film noir lens. The audience goes back in time with the hotel’s staff welcoming, decor and costumes. The staff might ask you if you came by car or horse carriage. Each guest chooses their own story through their interaction with the immersion.

The experience

As the group’s founder says, “Nothing is meant to wake you from the experience.” With your very entrance through the hotel doors, you step into a dark, suspenseful world. The masked audience can choose where to go and which actor to follow. Guests participate in dance-heavy scenes, linger around a luxurious bar, go through lavish rooms, reading letters, smelling herbs. If you’ve come with a group of people, each guest can have a very different experience as part of the plot.

How is the cast dressed?

The cast is dressed elegantly and with a Gatsby feel. The women wear beautiful dresses with feathers and stones, pearls and diamonds. The gents are suited up in perfectly fitted tuxedoes.

What does the world say about the experience?

“Thrilling, mind-bending! Unlike anything you’ve ever seen.” The New York Post

“Grade: A.” “Wickedly wonderful. A unique evening that engages all the senses. A brilliant production! Transformative. An unusually enlightening evening of entertainment.” Entertainment Weekly

“Brilliantly imagined! Utterly unique! Brilliant and sly and insane. The level of detail is enough to make you swoon.” Associated Press

The play has won a Drama Desk Award for Unique Theatrical Experience and a Special Citation For Design And Choreography at the Obie Awards.

How much do the tickets cost?

Tickets are priced between 99$-315$, depending on whether the ticket is regular or includes drinks and perks.

How can I book tickets?

You can book tickets via this link

For any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at [email protected] or +1 212-757-1720

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