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Dill & Parsley

You can guess a place is healthy when it has parsley in its name, and Dill & Parsley fits this idea perfectly. And the cool thing is that you can make your own food. They combine fast food with the health benefits of the Eastern Mediterranean, perfect fit for those who are in a hurry but want to keep yourself (or get) in shape.

Blue Dog Kitchen

Eggs are the highlight in Blue Dog’s menu. We in BroadwayPass know how good is to have them in your breakfast, how nutritious, healthy, and tasty they are. In the Signature Breakfast, you have them mixed with a lot of ingredients like spinach, Canadian bacon, avocado, Jalapenos, and can be served on English muffins, and tortilla.


We all have our tastes. Some of us like hot, others – sour, and many people have a sweet tooth. Many of us, when at a restaurant, tell the waiter “include this, exclude that, more of this”. Well, Red Poke has an answer – they give you the opportunity to channel your inner Jamie Oliver (or Gordon Ramsay) and “build” your own meal.