The best Broadway costumes and costume designers

In light of NYC Fashion Week that’s just around the corner, we take a moment to mention and honour some of the most talented costumer designers and their creations that went on Broadway.

Designers who won a Tony Award:

Catherine Zuber for Mouline Rouge

Catherine created one-of-a-kind Belle Époque costumes for the musical. As she says, she worked closely with the director in order to get deep into the characters and see how they evolve, together with their style.

Zuber costumes are truly unparalleled, using a plethora of show-stopping textiles for the making, such as velvet, organza, lurex, chiffon, jacquard satins, leather. Lautrec’s costumes were hand-painted by students from Parson’s School of Design.

Emily Rebholz – Jagged Little Pill

Another Tony winner, Emily is recognised for her work on the Jagged Little Pill costumes. The designer takes the 3 main groups to which the characters belong (we won’t spoil it for you) and then develops costumes that best represent their background and social layer. Be it preppy or rebellious, the costumes truly add to the various personas and contributed immensely to the musical’s effect.

Mark Thompson – Tina

Mark’s work on Tina, the musical has earned him a `Tony award and a stellar reputation. The musical, honouring Tina Turner’s legendary life and career has taken most of its inspiration from the real-live stage moments of the singer. Mark has examined Tina and her crew’s style and vibration and has come up with unique and rich designs that would be worn by the diva herself.

Some of the most loved Broadway costumes:

The Phantom’s Mask in The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera- the longest-running musical on Broadway, also represents one of the most iconic costume. The mask of the phantom, covering his face in half . Designed by by the late Maria Björnson, the mask has been the musical’s logo for decades. Created and fitted for each actor starring as the phantom, the face cover is unique, originally following Björnson’s nose.

Carla’s “A Call to the Vatican” Bodysuit in Nine

Undebatably one of the sexiest Broadway costumes, Carla’s sheer coverall, that leaves very little to the imagination, is a stunning masterpiece. Designed by William Ivey Long, the costume with intricate lace patters and see-through panels was a perfect match for the character – a seductive mistress, who knows how to use her looks.

Dolly Levi’s Harmonia Gardens Dress in Hello, Dolly!

A costume, which won the designer Freddie Wittop a Tony award, the full-length red gown is truly a show-stopper. The dress that sparkles with its baubles is precisely accessorised with white gloves and a stunning feathered headpiece, completing the memorable look.

Glinda’s Bubble Dress in Wicked

The loved and long-played musical has created many memorable looks, the Glinda’s blue dress has really become a crowd-favourite. The “Good” witch of Oz makes her entrance in a stunning off-the-shoulder ice-blue gown, with sequin petals spreading out from the waist. A whimsical look, carefully designed with a harness built into its waistband,so that the witch can be attached to her flying bubble.

In Conclusion

There is a plethora of show-stopping Broadway costumes, which are truly a masterpiece. If we had the time, we’d be attending each of those staple musicals and shows, to take in the magic and enjoy the set, the act and the designs. What should you do if you do have time in NYC? Gift yourself such a once-in-a-lifetime experience of course.

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