Turkuaz Restaurant

The owners say: “Turkuaz takes its name from the turquoise colored sea in Turkey and Mediterranean and brings both a culinary experience and an ethnic one to NYC. “

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. That is why we have decided to give you, the friends of BroadwayPass, some inside info on some of the best romantic place that we enjoy visiting with our significant others.

What our friends and staff say:

When I think of romantic, Turkey is not the first place that I think, but this place taught me to.

The food is amazing – Sultan’s Delight, Calf’s Liver, Turkish Dumplings. If you have a sweet tooth – go for the baklava.

Superb exotic food. Goes perfectly with the Middle Eastern setting of “Aladdin: The Musical”, as well as the rest musicals just nearby.

Turkuaz Restaurant is a superb restaurant offering a mix of Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine. It is situated at a 10-minute walk from Theater District and Times Square. It can easily be reached by 8th Avenue and 53rd Street. It is very close to Theater District, and if you want to celebrate Valentine’s day with a love story on Broadway like “Dear Evan Hansen”, “Hadestown“, “Mean Girls“, “Moulin Rouge!“, “The Phantom of the Opera“, then this easily your pick.

For once we have to disagree with one of our friends. Turkey might not be the first place, but it’s not the last to come to mind when we think of romantics – The Bosporus at night, Cappadocia, Pamukkale. The same goes for the cuisine. It has the oriental flavor, rich with spice. And you can find a lot of lamb, yogurt, and great vegetarian dishes. Like the Baby Okra with Lamb, and Sultan’s Delight. If you’re up for some seafood, then you can easily go with Wild Shrimp Shish Kebab or the Bronzino. The Turkish/Eastern Mediterranean cuisine is rich in vegetarian dishes like Vegetable Casserole, Spinach Stew, Babaghannoush, and many more. A cool addition are the diary/yogurt dishes. They are tasty, refreshing and have a detox effect. The chicken shish, chicken Adana, lamb Adana, and Beyti Kebab are superb.

The wine list is superb. You can pick from multiple types of wine (red, white, rose, and sparkling) from four continents. They offer excellent wines from Italy, France, and California, but if you want to dip in the atmosphere I recommend some their Turkish wines, like 2018 Cankaya, 2015 Kavaklidere Red Selection Öküzgözü – Boğazkere, or 2017 Lal Rose Dry Wine. Even the Genie cannot give you something better.

The atmosphere is so typical for the Middle East, Anatolia and Turkey with stained glass, colorful rugs, traditional Oriental furniture, lanterns, and so on. You can expect Aladdin and Jasmine to show up for a secret date (or the guards to drag him out…). A very cool addition are the Music Mondays and the Belly dance evenings on Fridays and Saturdays. You need to check them.

Hop on your Flying carpet along with us and have an Oriental gastronomic trip to Turkuaz Restaurant.

Turkuaz Restaurant

310 West 53rd St New York, NY 10019


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